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The first hours of the morning are the critical in setting the tone for the rest of our day. But for the 72% of young adults who suffer from severe anxiety, these hours can be some of the hardest. Made of Millions wants to switch up your morning routine and turn it into a happier one.

We made an app to help make sure your first three hours are happy as feck. All you need to do is follow along.

Once they’re awake, users will follow 5 ridiculous steps to get out of their head and started on their day.

Breathe like you hecking mean it!

Stretch that bod. Stretch it good.

Get ya body moving.

Time for a pep talk.

Don’t skip breakfast!

Every morning is a different theme with a different adventure.

Lil sailor boy!

Gas station hot dog!

Ghost fool!

As people with the app walk around the city on their way to work or school, digital billboards will interact with them in silly ways to keep their morning going.

Digital spots will appear in high-stress areas around cities during the hours everyone is trying to navigate their morning commutes.

Our voice app will give you Happiest Hour advice before you leave for the day based on events you have on your google calendar.

Our nighttime can affect our morning. If you stare at a bunch of trash that makes you feel awful it’s safe to assume you’ll wake up anxious. Use your eyes to read this book instead! Calm the mind and start off the day on the Happiest Hour.

Duncan Spear - AD

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