When we started our Fanta research we found out that it’s actually the favorite drink of none other than Pope Benedict XVI. The old guy still chooses it over wine to this day.
Take a lil' look for yourself.

So we figured if he liked it so much, the sweet flavor of Fanta must be pretty heavenly.

Fanta will place images of the blessed drink in seedy red light districts (or just cities).

Fanta will spread the good word of their sublime powers of refreshment to the people of Twitter.

We will launch Instagram ads alluding to fresh new Fanta flavors gifted to us from the heavens. Each ad will have a QR code to redeem a new flavor.

Which brings us to our new flavors! We know the sweet flavors of Fanta are heavenly enough, but we thought we’d drop some biblically inspired new ones anyway. Feel free to thank us in your prayers.

New packaging will feature written word of the holy origins of Fanta.

Fanta will roll out some righteous-ass vending machines featuring our new flavors along with everyone’s old favorites. Press that sweet button to get the flavor you want and a heavenly chorus of angels will sing out to thank you.

People can try new flavor here by redeeming prayer cards from our Instagram posts.

Stina Anderson - AD