Burger King

D&AD Brief

The King has gone mad in the name of science! He has created a horrifying masterpiece known as the Frankenwhopper, available to anyone brave enough to try it. Those willing to make the ultimate scientific sacrifice in the King's name can get their hands on the abomination for life.

I'm the lil dingus playing the King and I almost suffocated in that mask, so please watch the videos.

A Whopper + any other sandwich, combined to form a single monstrosity. Brought to life by a pink brain bun.

To tell the story of Frankenking’s monster, the classic Halloween hit “Monster Mash” will receive a BK makeover.

A full music video for the “Whopper Mash” will be posted on Burgerking’s YouTube page. We’ll make a 30 second version to use for pre-roll, too.

Throughout October, teaser shots from the video to generate a little buzz. It all leads up to the reveal of the Frankenwhopper on 10/21.

What would a spooky promo be without some matching package redesign?

The King dedicated himself to science to bring us the Frankenwhopper. Anyone who makes a similar sacrifice can have their personal abomination for life. We’ll partner with the Mayo Clinic’s Body Donation Program and encourage our customers to donate their body to science. If they register as a donor on Halloween night, they’ll get free Frankenwhoppers forever.


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Ellen McMahon - CW