Personal Projects

Life — Current

I have managed to remain living until now. I am still working out a lot of the details. This project is mostly fine, but could be offensive to most adult people. It is ongoing, so please donate! *Venmo - @Emily-Friedman-16*

Dank Dads — Future

My dream client would be fathers who keep misplacing their sons. Ads full of dads shouting about their filthy, fully-grown sons.

Parrot Heads — Past

The last time I swam in the ocean I almost died. I deserved it. To celebrate my escape from the waves, I ate at Cheeseburgers in Paradise and again, almost died. Guess it’s safe to say this lil' lady is still trying to make it to Margaritaville. 


Phone: 770-842-1248

Cat lady, novice cool person, freelance cartoon character.

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